Using Instagram Stories for Social Media Marketing

Elixir Media Co/ Virginia Beach Social Media Manager

Instagram Stories is taking over the world!! OK... not really, BUT in the last year it has become a serious contender in being one of the top most efficient ways to reach your target market via social media. Don't believe me? I get it. It's hard to believe content that disappears after only 24 hours is worth your time right? Wrong. Totally wrong. And here's why:

  • As of November 2017, IG Stories has over 300 million active users DAILY. That's over double snapchat.
  • The average IG user spends about 30 minutes on stories alone every day!
  • 70% of users are watching with the sound on, compared to less than 20% for regular Instagram and Facebook videos.
  • Users are more likely to engage via stories than regular post! (So weird... right?)

Still a little unnerved? No worries, I've got your back. Here are my top three tips for posting on Instagram Stories.

  1. Tell an actual story. Yeah... you heard that right. Don't just take a photo and think- DONE! No, you most certainly are not. Your target audience, isn't going to remember that photo of your latte and laptop you just posted. Try to share between 3-5 photos/videos per "story". Like "My favorite mobile-office to get shit done." + "Caffeine to the face" + "Productive AF" with corresponding photos. 
  2. Use strategy. Don't forget to add geolocations, tag other users, and hashtag away! All of these features still work and can get even more exposure than a regular post since less people are using them on Stories.
  3. Have fun with it. Take advantage of the fact that it will be erased from history in 24 hours, so you don't have to be PERFECT. Use it to humanize your brand. Show people insights to your local business that they won't see anywhere else like your messy desk, your morning routine, or the incredible team that your business couldn't run without! 

Now go and post to your Instagram Stories TODAY. Tell a story, strategize, and (most importantly) have fun! 

Elixir Media Co/ Virginia Beach Social Media Manager