5 Facebook Live Mistakes to AVOID Looking Like a NEWB

Photo via thedrum.com

Photo via thedrum.com

  1. Turn your camera horizontal.

  2. DO NOT physically turn your phone once the Live has started. Everyone will be craning their neck to try and watch your video, then give up. While YOUR screen looks normal to you, it’s not showing the right side up on Facebook.

  3. Give a call to action- tell people to come out, to visit your website, to comment below. If you want people to do something, you have to tell them to!

  4. Introduction- make sure you state the purpose of the video and what you will be covering or doing.

  5. Use a mic- don’t have one? Make sure the camera is always pointed in your direction to pick up the best sound!! Also, they’re less expensive than you might think. Here’s the link to mic I use for Facebook Lives: