Geotag All Day Err Day!

Instagram Strategy for Social Media Marketing

Geotagging will help your business appear in the search feed when a person looks for a location.

HOW TO APPLY: If you’re a wedding photographer, geotag wedding venues. If you’re a realtor, geotag popular neighborhoods where you want to close on houses. Start by thinking of the places your ideal client hangs out- not in real life AND on the internet- and start there!

By using geolocation EVERY single time, you’ll increase your overall brand reach and show up on customers’ feeds you weren’t able to reach before.

I know what you’re wondering… can I use a geolocation for somewhere I am not physically at? The answer is yes AND no.

DON’T post a picture of yourself, your cup of coffee, your laptop and say you are in a different cafe, city, or state.

DO take advantage of posting graphics like quotes using target locations even if you’re not currently there!