Social Media Terms

Social Media Manager Virginia Beach/ Elixir Media Co.

Ever feel like social media is a foreign language? Too often when I'm nerding out over the latest algorithms, I get the all too familiar "WTF is that" look when a word like crowdsourcing or clickbait comes up. So I decided to create my own glossary of social media lingo in terms we can all understand!

Algorithm- A process of rules to be followed to solve a problem. Essentially, social media is now set up so that people will see more of what they actually care about (interact with). As businesses, we need to work with the algorithms so our content is still seen. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have their own set of algorithms that I view as a checklist. The more "rules" I can follow on the checklist, the more my post will be seen by my target audience. 

For example, Facebook has a new algorithm that pushes a video recorded live, more than an uploaded video. This tells us we need to start recording live whenever possible because more people will see it! 

Bio- Short for Biography, this explains to new followers what exactly your business does and is about. 

Brand Advocate- Someone who feels so strongly about your business, they promote it on their own pages! These people are insanely valuable when trying to sell!

Click Bait- Content with misleading headlines or photo that leads back to a non relevant source. For example, posting a photo of a jaw dropping image to get people's attention, then leading it back to your website that says nothing about the jaw dropping image. This is usually done to gain traffic to a website but completely discredits you in the future. People won't believe you when you actually have something amazing to show them and more often than not will unfollow you.

CTR- Clickthrough Rate. The number of people who view a post, then complete the action the post asked for. For example, a photo saying "click for more info" and 10 out of 100 clicked the link would have a 10% CTR.

Curated Content- Photos that are strategically selected, organized, and placed in order to appear cohesive. 

Cover Photo- The horizontal image at the top of your Facebook page that businesses should use to show off, not to be confused with your profile photo.

Crowd Sourcing- One of my favorite tools for increasing engagement and visibility! Asking your followers opinion on any topic you choose. This can be a simple A or B poll or asking your audience to help review a service or product.

DM- Direct message aka sending someone a private message that others cannot see.

Engagement- Social media engagement refers to the interaction between you and other profiles. The accumulation of likes, comments, messages, etc.

Facebook Pixel- An analytics tool that allows you to track people who visit your website (and what they do once on there), and consequently target those people in your next ad set. 

Live- A Facebook and Instagram feature that allows you to stream video in real time with your followers. 

Geo Location- tagging content with a specific location.

Organic Reach- Those who viewed your content without you paying for it. 

Permalink- A "permanent link" or original link to specific content. Usually used a as a reference or end source on platforms such as Facebook or Pinterest. 

Real Time Marketing- Connecting with your target market over things happening right now, ie. trending topics.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization. All major search engines, more specifically Google, has a process of ranking websites according to "relevancy". These rules of relevancy are guidelines that when followed, can allow you to earn yourself a higher ranking with Google.

Social Media Management- Managing social media accounts and measuring the effectiveness of social media activities. 

Social Media Marketing- Using social media to increase brand awareness.

Verified- Usually reserved for celebrities and major companies, like Coca Cola, a blue check mark signifies that the profile is the official representative of that person/ business.