New Algorithm, Who Dis?

“I haven't shot anything new in a while. Also because I don't feel like creating new content with Insta acting like a total prick. So enjoy a smiling selfie of me. Have a good day folks.". - @yogasini

Virginia Social Media Manager

Girl, I FEEL YOU! 

At least I did... Like in most situations where I feel out of control, I cleaned and organized my entire house and then buried my head in research. What I found was not what I expected.

My go-to plan for beating algorithms and using them as a tool to propel my content to the top of my followers' feeds would not work this time. Instead, we're going to have to kick it old school- because that's what Instagram did.

In 2016, Instagram announced user feeds would be more of what they actually were interested in (aka more like facebook). They introduced us to a less chronological feed that was based off a set of "rules" or algorithms. And so most business owners' frustrations began, with good reason. 

Earlier this month, IG stated that a change was a comin'! User feeds would “feel more fresh.” In other words, they'd planned to take a step back from meddling with our beloved feeds. This decision was a reaction to the overwhelming complaints of their 800 million daily active users who said they were tired of the same damn image appearing at the top of their feed for days on end. 

So VOILA- we spoke, THEY listened and now we have recent posts at the TOP OF OUR FEED... well, sorta. You're favorite  algorithms are all still there, but posting during optimal times is now critical. And no, I'm not talking about the good ol' 6am and 8pm. I'm talking about YOUR specific followers and when they are interacting with you.

For example, check out these two accounts. The red rectangle signifies when their content receives the most interaction from other accounts. They don't follow the same interaction times at all, because they have two completely different target audiences! 

optimal instagram post
Optimal Instagram Post

So the moral of the story? Adjust your strategy. It's more important than ever to track your account's interaction peaks and post during those times while continuing with all the strategy you've learned since 2016. 

I hope this helps and calms your desire to throw your phone out the fucking window.  Just breathe, track your times, and may the odds be ever in your favor!