Somebody called me a “Go-Giver” and I’m not gonna lie… I kinda like it. 

Social Media Manager Virginia Beach/ Elixir Media Co./ Kristina knapp

I’m assuming Jamie, owner of Your Pie (aka most delicious pizza you will ever have), said it because I’d just announced my app of the month to download. I started sharing the apps I use in January when I realized these tools could help so many more local businesses create unique content in a more polished and branded way.

I’ve always been an open book when it comes to my life and the knowledge I acquire to live it to the fullest, so sharing tips, tricks, and the how to’s of social media seemed like a given (pun intended).

But as I wrote feverishly in my goal planner, I realized I wanted to give back in a more real way. More than just sharing my knowledge of Instagram and Facebook. I wanted to really help and so I asked myself, what skill sets do I have that are worth more than the dollar amount I can donate.

Now… this might come as a shock to you, but it took me weeks to realize that skill set WAS social media… #blondmoment. So I hit up the most giving person I know, Amanda from Stellar Exposures, and said “HEY. Help me help someone.” And in true Stellar fashion, she immediately pulled out her phone and starting listing off the endless number of nonprofits she donates her photography services to. 

Finally after lots of hmmm’s and maybe I could make that work, we landed on Roc Solid Foundation and fist pumped our way down the highway! (Not really… I’m pretty sure there were a whole lot of wide eyes and four letter words, ending with a Duuuuuude. Let’s do this!)

So we scheduled a lunch at the Broken Egg in Suffolk and I convinced their head of operations that they needed me- free of charge, of course. Much to my excitement they agreed and so I am absolutely stoked to announce I am taking over their social media accounts! 

Roc Solid Foundation is a non profit organization that builds hope for children with cancer in the form of custom play sets and room makeovers. I can’t wait to start brainstorming ideas on how to get their message out and to show the world all the good they bring to it! 

Every three months, I’m going to donate my time and help a different non-profit get their message out there to spread awareness and to encourage support. If you know of a non-profit that could use my help, please email me about it! My next opening will be in July!