Ya Get What Ya Give.

Elixir Media Co. Social Media Manager Virginia Beach

When I was little I was shy- like wouldn't talk in front of anyone but my family shy. Hard to believe considering my trap that never stops flapping now right? Don't worry... I quickly got over it and by second grade was consistently getting a note on my monthly reports that I just would not shut up while the teacher was talking. Sorry Mrs. Jones. 

You're probably wondering what the hell my timidness has to do with social media and the answer is EVERYTHING. When I sit down for my one on one consultations and analyze business's Facebook and Instagram accounts- not once have I ever said the words "You're interaction is perfect!" 

The term "interacting" is simply you commenting, tagging, and liking other profiles. And no... interacting doesn't mean just hitting that heart next to people's comments on your own photos and tagging your bestie in your last selfie. It means going beyond your posts and profile, and commenting on other people's content as well.

Interacting is CRUCIAL to a successful account. There is a direct correlation between how many people comment, like, and share your post vs. the number of people that will see your content. AKA more interaction = more exposure.

Then comes the questions:

Isn't it weird to just comment on people's posts? I don't even know them. 


What the heck do I even say?

When I proceed to explain the importance of interacting in an effective way, it sounds exactly like the speech my mom gave me when I was 5.

  • If you don't talk to them first, they're not going to talk to you. Plain and simple- if you think it's weird, they definitely do too but trust me, people are always happy you leave a comment.
  • Compliment them- people will always remember if you made them feel good or bad about themselves. Pretty sure my mom stole this one from Maya Angelou, but hey... still works!
  • Be genuine. Don't say shit you wouldn't actually say just to get your interacting in for the day.
  • Listen when they talk. Actually read their entire caption and respond accordingly. It always impresses people to know you took the time to really listen to their entire story!
  • Don't say Hi, then Bye. Leave no less than 5 words (This is an algorithm trick. Trust.)
  • Smile- you look mean when you don't smile. 

My mom's right... I've got an RBF that can kill, but even if you don't, smiles are way friendlier than the absence of one and on social media- there are no smiles unless you put them there! Luckily, we are blessed to live in a time of emojis. So my last bit of advice on interacting is EMOJI THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR COMMENTS. (ok, maybe limit them to like 3... we don't want to look desperate.)

Alright young Padawan, get out there and start interacting and I PROMISE you the amount of interaction you get on your own posts will jump up. Leave a comment on my IG or FB posts today and I will make sure to do the same for you!