Different Business. Different Day. Different Uniform?

Photo by Stellar Exposures

Photo by Stellar Exposures

Working with so many different types of companies makes walking in for a work day like walking into Alice’s wonderland. You open a door and you never know what's going to jump out at you! 

Is it a piece of corn that finally gets so hot from the open fire, it leaves the cob and burns the hell out of your arm?

Is it a bug hiding by the windshield while you hit the road with a photographer to adventure on a shoot?

Is it a splash of yeast being poured out of a tank of freshly brewed beer?

Working with companies that are so unique means everything changes day to day, especially our "uniforms"! Here's a little sample of the day-in-the-life of a social media manager for Elixir Media Co.

Travel Network: Comfy Professional. (You never know where you'll end up for a Facebook Live! A local restaurant? An art museum? Maybe a festival on cobblestone streets?)

Brewery: Shoes that can get wet. (from the brew tanks being emptied)

BBQ Food Truck: Clothes that breathe. (with the smoker + ovens in full force, those food trucks get pretty steamy)

Men's Formal Wear: Heels. Blazers. (you never know when a customer is going to walk through the store doors. If they're spending thousands of dollars on suits- we need to look the part too)

Luxury Boudoir Studio: Black on Black on Black.

Custom Wedding Bakery: Anything you don't mind being covered in flour and sugar!


Moral of the story? Practicality is everything… and always keep a pair of black boots, heels, and flats in the car ;)