The Biggest Mistake People Make on Social Media

Social Media Manager/ Elixir Media Co.

When I opened up the "question" feature on Instagram Stories and invited hundreds of people to ask away, I didn't expect this specific question to make in: 

"What are most people getting wrong when it comes to social media?" -Leah, owner and badass business genius behind BlushTones.

The answer is actually quite simple: They aren't getting to the real story. They aren't telling it. They aren't taking photos of it. They definitely aren't capturing it on video.

Most people are too busy making sure they get the perfect photo of a centerpiece- and don't get me wrong, these photos are AMAZING. Magazine worthy even! BUT they aren't meant for a magazine... they are meant for social media. And social media (despite what you may have been led to believe) is not all about a pretty picture.

While they were too busy setting up the perfect lighting and angle of this centerpiece, they missed old friends coming together and sharing beers and hugs. They missed dogs bouncing off the walls from the energy on the patio. They missed the look on people's faces as they tried the food and eagerly asked who catered this event.

They missed what was REALLY happening. What people REALLY want to see. The moments people REALLY want to be a part of.

Now don't get things twisted- you need the clean, sharp, professional looking photos. But those are only going to get you so far! You need to capture the true story to pair along with it. 

The lesson here is to dig deep and stop posting the same damn content of your pretty finished product. Tell a story that people will be intrigued by and want to follow along with. Show the WHY behind your business. Give people a reason to become INVESTED in what you do.