IG Stories Crash Course

IG Stories should be your SUPPORT system for regular posts. 💥⁣

Your Instagram Stories should be backing up the strategy you’re using in your feed (and they should be consistent). So what types of content should you be posting in Stories?

For one, all the fluff that didn’t make the cut to be featured in your regular, super curated feed.⁣ What fluff, you ask?

✖️The added benefits of your service. ⁣Sure a client can read through your packages online, but seeing these services in action can make them even MORE appealing.
✖️All the extra work that your audience doesn’t expect that goes into your services.⁣ Show the nitty gritty, behind the scenes, HARD work that you put into your everyday grind!
✖️ Any UGC of your service you’re selling.⁣ User generated content is one of the best ways to showcase your service in the real world; it’s the best form of word of mouth!

Then wrap those puppies up with a solid call to action telling people how to GIVE YOU MONEY 🤑⁣ And of course a geotag for good measure.

Now THAT is how IG Stories convert into real sales 🙌🏼