7 Life Hacks from (Past + Present) Social Media Management Clients

Social Media Marketing Manager pointing at photo list for website photos photoshoot in a busy cafe in Virginia Beach va

1. Don’t ever brush AFTER you drink coffee! Coffee is acidic AF- if you brush directly after, it’ll weaken your enamel and CAUSE staining.

-Norge Dental Center (Williamsburg Dental and Orthodontist Practice)

2. The biggest mistake people make when packing for vacations is NOT MAKING DECISIONS. Decide which pair of shoes you’re actually going to wear BEFORE. You’ll thank yourself when you’re on vacay and know exactly what to wear, AND aren’t lugging around half your closet!

-A Space for Style (home decor and wardrobe stylist)

3. Coconut oil is BETTER for you than most lotions. Skin is permeable which means the oil soaks in. It’s such a stable oil full of saturated fats it doesn’t let moisture escape, thus protecting your skin from drying out.

-Natural Balance Day Spa (Luxury Holistic Massages + Certified Estheticians)

4. Low temperatures and time + time + time makes the best meat when smoking.

-RedWood Smoke Shack (Food Truck + Texas BBQ Restaurant in Norfolk, Virginia)

5. You can’t outrun your fork.

-Jim White Fitness (Personal Training and Registered Dietitian)

6. It doesn’t matter how pretty your cake is if it’s dry AF. It’s what’s on the inside that matters most- always ;) Provide quality first, then worry about what the hell it’s wrapped in.

Incredible Edibles Bakery (Luxury Custom Bakery)

7. When deciding what to cook, try being inspired by ingredients rather than looking for a recipe. It’ll change the way you think about food and the experience you have while buying, cooking, and eating it.

-Amber Ox (Southern Inspired Cuisine)