4 Steps on How to Take a Vacation and Still Show Up on Social Media

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So you’re taking a vacation but you don’t want to lose the momentum you’ve gained on Instagram and Facebook.

With these four easy steps, you can enjoy your well deserved time-off while STILL offering value to your online audience.

A scheduler will save YOUR LIFE. I use the Later App, but you can always turn to hootsuite, tailwind, or Planoly.

  1. Pick out 7 photos or videos to post and schedule them throughout the week.

  2. Arrange them to create a visually appealing, curated feed.

  3. Follow this outline of what to post:

    • Monday - Quote specific to your target market

    • Tuesday - Tip

    • Wednesday - Tip

    • thursday - Behind the scenes post

    • Friday - Share where you’re going on vacation and one activity you’re looking forward to the most

    • Saturday - A personal photo of your home life (decor, family, dogs)

    • Sunday - Morning Routine

  4. Add your hashtags to the bottom of the posts and set all posts to auto-publish.

    You’re all done!

    Set yourself up for success so all your hard work isn’t loss. Just because you take time-off, doesn’t mean your social media does too!