better phone photos

5 Tips for Better Phone Photos

1. Don’t underestimate the power of windows.

Use natural light whenever possible. If your inside, open up those blinds baby! Shooting outside? Use the sun to your advantage by planning to shoot during the Blue Hour- dawn or dusk, when the light rays are completely indirect.

How to take better phone photos

2. Create dimension.

Ever wonder why people looooove portrait mode so much? It’s because it creates dimension in images and gives your eye something to focus on! The great news is you can create this without portrait mode by placing items or people at different lengths away from your camera.

If you have multiple items, try pulling your main focus item forward and pushing the rest back to create a background effect.

3. Frame your photo.

Look at your screen and use objects (trees, buildings, shelves) to create a frame around the subject whether it’s a mug or a person.

How to take better phone photos

4. Rule of thirds.

Raise your hand if you put people right smack in the middle of your photo. OK… now slowly put your hand down and don’t ever raise it again. haha I KID! There’s always exceptions to rules, but since we’re all beginners with iphone-ography, we want to UP our game.

Imagine drawing lines vertically and horizontally to create a grid on your screen that breaks down your image into thirds. You can create a more interesting photo by placing your subject on one of the intersecting lines.

How to take better phone photos

I know what you’re thinking… What the hell, Kristina. These tips are supposed to be easy to follow- AND THEY ARE. Your phone already has these grids, just go to settings > camera > grid and switch the button to on! TA DA!!

5. Edit yo shit.

Because nobody’s born perfect, we have to edit ourselves to make us into the best person possible! #youarenotbeyonce Download Adobe Lightroom CC app… like right now. It’s a free app that can take your photos to “I can’t believe that’s just a phone photo”!