Who's Your Target Market?

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Having a general target market ISN’T good enough. Say what now?

The riches are in the niches, baby. Narrowing down your audience is key to grabbing the attention of the right people, the ones who will convert to clients.

Millennial women 18-34? Yikes. Women who are 28-38 who are college educated and stylish? Nope. Still WAY too broad.

If you aren’t talking to a specific target demographic, you’re not talking to anyone. You can attract your dream clients by speaking their language and making sure you’re directing your marketing efforts specifically to them.

How to find your super specific target market? You need to create a “Marketing Avatar”. Make your avatar as specific as possible: tell me their name, age, job, interests, a typical day in their life; any details you can think of. Do they have pets? Do they love movies? Get inside the mind of who you’re trying to speak to.

Her name is Scarlett, she’s 32, and went to George Mason university. She’s been in business for 8 years, is kicking ass and taking names and has a team of 12 other women. She shops at locally owned boutiques, orders no bullshit drinks on Thursday nights out with her girls, and has finger tattoos.

Now THAT is getting specific. Tell me who your Marketing Avatar is in the comments below!