Unfollow People (Yeah, I Said It)

UNFOLLOW people. 💥💥💥

Don’t be afraid to break up with people’s Instagrams. If you’re just not feeling their feed, their style, the content they’re sharing, whatever it is, if you’re not into it, you’re not into it. No shame or guilt there.

Just because you hit that little blue button, DOES NOT mean you’re playing the “follow and unfollow game”. It means you thought an account was going to be interesting, and it’s just not hitting your spark.

At one point this content was relevant to you, and now it doesn’t resonate. It means you thought that account was going to be putting out great shit, but now they haven’t posted in weeks.

Bonus Pro Tip: This is a great idea if you’re a business account, especially if you’re following more people than are following you (that’s a HARD no).

Point is- do what you want. It’s your account. Don’t ever be afraid of how people will think, you think. Just do you boo boo 😘

5 Reasons You're Missing Out BIG TIME if You're Not Consistent on IG Stories!

Image via Crowdfireapp

Image via Crowdfireapp

So you might of heard… using IG Stories makes your followers feel like they’re getting a real sense of who you are, promotes exclusivity, and adds a personalized touch to getting more engagement. All of which strengthens your “relationship” and therefore makes them more invested in your brand aka ready to hit that BUY NOW button!

Some of us know these to be absolute facts and dive right in saying, “Now show me the way, so I can start implementing them consistently with strategy!”

Others might need some cold hard facts before committing to an entirely new item on their weekly to-do list. So here’s 5 really big numbers that’ll bring all of our non-believers aboard the Instagram Story train :)

#1 It is the fastest growing platform in social media.

Knowing that Instagram Stories gets more hits than Twitter and Pinterest isn’t that impressive. But what if I told you it gets almost as many hits as Facebook?

Facebook hits an average of 1.4 billion people a month and as of June 2018, Instagram hit nearly 1 BILLION as well! IG Stories comes in right behind with an impressive 500 million.

Check out the graph to see how Instagram has been growing by the millions in recent years.

Stats via

Stats via

#2 60% of users discover new products on Instagram and over 200 million visit at least one business profile per day. 

If you need solid proof that your profile can convert followers into direct sales, HERE IT IS.

#3 One in five organic stories from businesses gets a direct message.

Compare that to your normal posts! Are they getting that same level of engagement?

#4 33% of the most popular Instagram Stories are published by BUSINESSES.

Family and friends usually take the cake over businesses every single time when it comes to popularity and visibility of content on social media, but IG Stories is the way around that!

#5 50% of businesses on Instagram produced an Instagram Story within the last month.

That means if you haven’t implemented IG Stories into your weekly marketing strategy, you’re already behind.

Image via

Image via

So go on, do it now! Grab your phone and start having fun on IG Story. Is the strategy different than normal IG posts? Absolutely! But before we make it efficient, let’s make it routine. Play around with the features and show your followers what’s going on behind the scenes. The best part? It all deletes in 24 hours so no need to make it perfecto!!


The Biggest Mistake People Make on Social Media

Social Media Manager/ Elixir Media Co.

When I opened up the "question" feature on Instagram Stories and invited hundreds of people to ask away, I didn't expect this specific question to make in: 

"What are most people getting wrong when it comes to social media?" -Leah, owner and badass business genius behind BlushTones.

The answer is actually quite simple: They aren't getting to the real story. They aren't telling it. They aren't taking photos of it. They definitely aren't capturing it on video.

Most people are too busy making sure they get the perfect photo of a centerpiece- and don't get me wrong, these photos are AMAZING. Magazine worthy even! BUT they aren't meant for a magazine... they are meant for social media. And social media (despite what you may have been led to believe) is not all about a pretty picture.

While they were too busy setting up the perfect lighting and angle of this centerpiece, they missed old friends coming together and sharing beers and hugs. They missed dogs bouncing off the walls from the energy on the patio. They missed the look on people's faces as they tried the food and eagerly asked who catered this event.

They missed what was REALLY happening. What people REALLY want to see. The moments people REALLY want to be a part of.

Now don't get things twisted- you need the clean, sharp, professional looking photos. But those are only going to get you so far! You need to capture the true story to pair along with it. 

The lesson here is to dig deep and stop posting the same damn content of your pretty finished product. Tell a story that people will be intrigued by and want to follow along with. Show the WHY behind your business. Give people a reason to become INVESTED in what you do.