Stop wasting time on Instagram creating content that no one sees.

If it feels like you’re getting lost in the crowd, it’s because you are.

Did you know the average Instagram user follows 822 accounts? They’re scrolling machines, and if your content doesn’t stop them in their tracks; you won’t get the likes, comments, and shares you’re looking for. 

And if they won’t like or comment, they probably won’t buy.

Your business needs a solid social media strategy if you want to 

convert followers into loyal customers and paying clients.

Maybe you’ve already hired someone else to handle your social media but aren’t getting the results you expected. The posts are going out, and nothing seems to stick. You get a few new followers here and there, but no new customers. Post after post, you miss the mark.

That’s the problem with hiring an ameteur social media “guru” to manage your account. There’s no strategy, it’s generic, and doesn’t connect.  And the worst part is that it ends up looking like a managed account.

You know what I’m talking about. Nothing but stock photos, motivational quotes, and sales pitches. Nobody’s responding to questions and comments. It’s obvious someone who knows nothing about the business is managing it.

Don’t do that.

You want your posts to be so YOU that people think you’re the one on the other side of the screen typing away. It can be our little secret. We won’t tell if you don’t.

Get your Instagram account into the hands of an expert who understands the algorithm, your business, and what your clients want.

Elixir Media Co. offers a proven Instagram strategy that has worked repeatedly 

for businesses just like yours.

My company’s social media was a total mess. Elixir brought the process!!

They totally took MY content, MY voice, and MY overall vibe and turned my feed into a magical place where my followers WANTED to hang out, interact, and tell other people about to hang out there, too!

They took the stress out of all things social media for me...
— Sarah, owner of A Space for Style

Is figuring out all this social media stuff on your to-do list but always getting pushed to the “maybe later” list? Take it off your list once and for all and let us do it. Stop wasting time experimenting and hoping to figure it all out. Our Full Service Management Package is just the plan you’re looking for if you’re ready to spread your brand awareness like wildfire.

The Elixir Media Co Full Service Social Media Management Package Includes:

Market Research: We track your potential clients to find out when they’re online interacting the most. Then we’ll schedule your content and strategize engagement so we can reach them. That way we’ll cultivate real relationships, and when it’s the right opportunity for them to buy from you, they don’t think twice.

Performance Analytics: By conducting daily metrics, we can measure what’s working and base your content schedule on what will get you the best results. We monitor what posts have the most engagement and what hashtags are making the most impact. Then we use those metrics to make decisions for your business based on past performance.

Industry Dominating Content: The average Instagram business profile posts 27 times a month. That means you need to be posting every day just to be average. But you’re not here to be average. We’ll make sure you’re the one everyone else struggles to keep up with.

Strategic Engagement: It’s not enough to just create content. Your page has to be consistently interacting with other accounts to guarantee your brand is being exposed to the right people everyday. Content is king, but engagement is queen. And everyone knows, the queen calls all the shots.

Branded Photography: If you want to make a great first impression to anyone discovering your profile for the first time, you HAVE to have professional photos. No exceptions. Plus, your marketing content photo shoot is my absolute favorite way to get to know you and your business.

Algorithm Strategy: The best way to maximize your brand’s reach is by working with the algorithm, not against it. With focused targeting and proper hashtag research, your account will grow its following organically. Each post will be seen by hundreds of new people in your target market, and our team stays up-to-date with algorithm changes so your strategy never falls behind. 

Your Own Instagram Dream Team: Multitasking is over-rated, and quite frankly we don’t believe in it. That’s why each member of the Elixir Media team will be assigned a specific role to manage your account so we can NAIL your brand voice, visual content, and strategy consistently.

INVESTMENT $1800/ month

Transform your Instagram profile into a clear and defined brand people love

Stop wondering if you’re doing it right. Elixir Media Co has a whole team of graphic designers, photographers, videographers, social media experts to guarantee you are.

Every single post gets three sets of eyes on it before it ever gets published. We take your business seriously. Our expectations are high and we make sure nothing slips through the cracks. To do it right is a full time job. Let our world-class team get you the results you want.

We’ll get started by talking about your goals, what story you want to tell through your online marketing, and then formulate a plan to portray that message with captivating media.

women social media managers working on apple laptops on instagram and facebook in a styled office wearing all black in Virginia Beach


The clock is ticking, but not the way you think!

Instagram keeps track of every single second each person spends on all of your posts, and the algorithm is geared towards making sure users’ feeds are filled primarily with friends and family, not businesses like you.

The only way Instagram will know they WANT TO see posts from your account is if you show up consistently and engage strategically.

You’re missing out on some serious opportunity if you’re not in front of your future clients’ faces EVERY SINGLE DAY.

That might sound like a lot of work. Because it is. It’s overwhelming for one person to figure out. Let the Elixir Media Co team take it off your plate.

Because if you’re doing it anyway, why not be nailing it??