Crystal Beng

Head Ninja of Cherry Blossom Planning Factory

"Investing in Elixir Media was the best money I didn't even know I wanted to spend. Kristina listened to my goals and used the smartest strategies to really connect with our target market. She has saved me hours of time and our user engagement has easily tripled since Kristina has taken the lead on our social media pages."


Debra Miller

Owner of Incredible Edibles Bakery

"Being in business for almost 30 years, hiring Kristina  was one of the best investments that I've ever made. Opening a new location we needed to get the word out fast and Kristina accomplished that through social media. She made real connections with professionals in our field, so they already knew about our business before we even shook hands. Client's are always raving 'Oh, I saw your cake today on Instagram!' and the best part is... I didn't even have to lift a finger."

Marcus Williams

CEO of Intellect Media

"When it comes to social media, it is one of my least favorite things to do. It's one aspect I hate about owning a business. Elixir Media took the time to sit down with me to help me understand how Instagram works. I went from posting once a month, to posting twice a day within the FIRST week! She really breaks it down and walks you through the process. Now I have become hooked because I feel I am posting in the right way."