Meet Kristina Knapp,

Social Media Expert and Owner of Elixir Media Co.


If you want more followers, don’t call Elixir Media Co.

You can just buy them. No joke.

Because you don’t need MORE followers. You need the RIGHT followers.

...a community who likes all your posts, buys what you sell, and interacts with you so much online that it feels like you know them in real life. And they feel like they know you too.

It’s a fact-- customers want to buy things from people they like, and it’s your social media that opens the door to get that conversation going.

But just because you’re showing up, doesn’t mean you’re being seen. 

There’s an algorithm to get in front of your ideal clients, and you gotta know how to work it if you want your social media to work for you.

You need a strategy if you want results. That’s where Elixir Media Co. can help.

Kristina Knapp isn’t just another blogger turned social media guru looking to give your Instagram feed a cutesy makeover. She’s a numbers person, a straight shooter, and a force to be reckoned with. 

Kristina’s been getting businesses real results long before she founded Elixir Media Co. 

As a traveling onboard trainer for Michael Kors, she took underperforming stores and turned them into the nation's top selling locations in a matter of weeks. If you’re picturing an episode of Bar Rescue or The Profit, you’re exactly right.

After working for Michael Kors, Kristina was recruited by other companies to help flip their businesses. But the work didn’t stop there. She got a lot of requests to stay on board for consulting, which is how Elixir Media Co. was born.

Kristina’s degree is in Economics, which means she’s obsessed with tracking and measuring the results she gets for her clients. She might be a numbers person, but she really gets people and understands what makes them tick. And she knows how to take that information to get them to buy.

Growing up living all around the world might just be her secret for building relationships online. She can relate easier and connect deeper because she’s always looking for common ground. Fun fact: Her first job was interviewing visa applicants for the US Embassy in Vietnam. She was 15.

Hard working for sure, you’ll never hear Kristina whining about the latest Instagram changes. She’s too busy training her team to know how the algorithm works inside and out so they can use it to your advantage.

There’s a lot of amateur social media managers winging it with your business’s reputation on the line. They’re just playing on their phones all day and calling it work.

If you’re ready for serious growth, you need a proven strategy. 

When you hire Elixir Media Co. you’re not just getting Kristina’s expertise. You’re getting her high standards as your company benchmark. 

Because once you feel what it’s like to dominate your industry, just showing up isn’t gonna cut it.

There’s three ways to get Elixir Media Co’s help for your business.

  1. Attend one of Kristina’s workshops at The Annex.

  2. Schedule a 1:1 consultation.

  3. Hire the Elixir Media Co Team to manage your Instagram for you.