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MF'n Business Coaching

A 1:1 intimate coaching for the fearless fempreneur who wants a badass coach in their back pocket who will strategize with you.

It’s time to transition from entrepreneur to CEO, transform your message from messy + confusing to crystal clear, and BUILD a team that works like a well-oiled machine!


Imagine showing up in your business with EXCITEMENT and EASE while you magnizitied HUNDREDS of loyal, high-paying clients who consistently discovered your business each month.


What if you were given the keys to get out of overwhelm and hustle, and step into a world of balance, MORE money, MORE time off to travel, and MORE time to spend with the people you love?

This is for you.

The MF’n Business Coaching

A 1:1 Coaching program for the fearless fempreneur who wants a badass coach in their back pocket who will strategize with you.

Someone to create expansive business ideas with you.

Someone to implement those things with you.

You want a shoulder to lean on when business life gets hard.


STOP being burnt out and struggling to consistently grow your business and book high-paying clients.

This isn’t another bullshit program that makes you feel like you have to alter who you are in order to get high paying dream clients. The life YOU want isn’t one-size-fits-all… your business shouldn’t be either!


It’s time to start building the business of your wildest dreams.


You are INCREDIBLE at what you do and have become a PRO at your craft over the years- BUT when it comes to taking your business to that 6 or 7 Figure Level, you wish you had someone who has done it before GUIDE you through the steps to expand with intention.

You’ve outsourced tasks to VA’s to try and save you some timebut really desire to build a LOYAL team who knows your business inside and out and ACTUALLY takes tasks OFF your plate.

You're so buried underneath your work, you can't seem to find the time to even THINK about a growth plan for your business. You desire someone to give you options and for you to pick the one that FLOWS with your lifestyle.

You’ve tried mimicking one-size-fits-all, run-of-the-mill marketing strategies pulled from popular coaches in your industry that don’t quite work for YOU and have left you feeling uneasy, unsatisfied, and UNSEEN!

Client Results

Dr. Krystal Connor 2.png

“I learned so many tools that make marketing my business so much EASIER and more effective. She helped me create a strategy that works FOR me. Now, when I want to step up, I know exactly how to do it.”

Dr. Krystal Conner

Life Coach + Author



6 Months of 1:1 Coaching with Our CEO

Solely focused on creating a marketing strategy, and ideas for new offers so that you can start showing up online in a way you never have before.

Monday - Thursday Voxer Access

When you’re growing, it’s easy to get stuck in your head. So you have access to someone who has successfully built a 7-Figure business in your backpocket.

Bi-weekly 50 Minute Calls

To collaborate together on new ideas for new offers, to keep you aligned, and to help you navigate sales.

Access to Member Vault

Get access to ALL the Elixir systems + structure we’ve put into place as a guide to help you create a consistent stream of clients.

Access to Trainings

You have FREE access to Join all Elixir LIVE trainings during your coaching period.



Client Results


Event Planner Ryan went from making $42k a year, to making $45k in ONE month and over 6 figures for the year while working 1:1 with Kristina.

We don’t just wing it, we do our homework.

We dig deep so we can fuel your social strategy with our growing expertise and UNLIMITED resources. No hashtag generators. No bullshit fluff. No shortcuts.

How would you feel if we broke down 6+ years of non-stop hustling into 6 months?

No more guesswork

No more trial and error

No more time spent away from your family or wasted weekends

MORE clients. MORE sales. Less ZERO time spent wondering if you’re doing it right.

We’ve never had a 1:1 client whose business didn’t expand in some way while working with us. That’s because we only work with women who are OPEN and READY to make changes and put in the work. We give you the tools, in the end, the success of the investment is up to YOU.


Ashley went from hustling to book $500 programs to being SOLD OUT for months with $3500 programs.

We move at your pace! Some of our clients enjoy implementing at a slower rate and we lean on consistency. But if you are on a mission to implement fast and grow, let’s do this shit! Just as YOU are unique, your business is unique too!

“She’s {Kristina} helped me achieve the balance I’ve always known was possible, but was never able to get there on my own. I worked ALL the time and was exhausted. More than even the sales, it’s the mindset tools that she’s taught me that makes the journey of owning a business so much more enjoyable. I learned that it doesn't HAVE to be HARD.”

We’re a built-in support system that breaks down an overly complex social media market into simple, step-by-step easy to apply methods AND helps you understand and OWN the marketing process so you can get you back to what you do best - RUNNING your business!

INVESTMENT: $25K or 6 Payments of $4,500



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