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A space like this has NEVER existed before:


This is for the leaders who have the AUDACITY to create a soul-aligned business unlike anything seen before

It's YOUR turn.


No more waiting for the next level UP in business. You're ready to EXPAND yourself to a higher level NOW.

This is a space for women who go for the fucking gold.

Who don't settle for "good enough".

Who devour life and bask in their successes.

This is a space where we experience the next LEVEL of freedom in our business.

We say what the fuck we mean. 

Our DM's are filled with clients who feel like soul sisters.

Our work is so aligned it feels like everything in our life happened for THIS moment. 

Here, we KNOW we are magic and it would be a DISSERVICE to the world to not GO BIGGER.



We change the fucking world with our gifts.


If you're looking to do anything less... This is NOT the space for you. 

Too-da-loo... with love <3

BUT if you're done waiting and are ready to expand your impact, build a business beyond your wildest dreams... Let's go, boo!

“I am celebrating 10x-ing my business in less than 6 months time & doubling the size of my contracts since joining Expand. ”

Sara Brown

Owner of Tailored Marketing

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I created Expand for you because...

🖤 You're DONE watching everyone else hit "success". You're ready to hit $50k months.


🖤 You crave more sophisticated business conversations on the daily


🖤 You want to have proximity to audacious women in business operating at a higher level

🖤 You've waited long enough... You're ready to live YOUR version of being WILDLY successful.

🖤 You’re beyond survival mode and "good enough." You’re ready to THRIVE. For business to FEEL easy.

🖤 You know you were meant for something so much bigger and it'd be so much easier having ME in your back pocket on this journey

🖤  You want a space that incorporates proven strategy, energetics, AND mindset to catapult you in business.


A sneak peek into the high level conversations we're having:

Why I'm always "launching"
00:00 / 11:58
Alignment= Our true North
00:00 / 04:09

From less than $5k months to $60k weeks in just three months of being in Expand. 

Georgie Hanson

CEO + Founder of Mosaic Media

I can give you the 24k gold invite, but it's up to you to come to the party...

I've been:

✖️ The corporate ladder climber

✖️The grind-obsessed, hustling entrepreneur starting a business,
✖️A wildly successful media coach

And a 7-figure business owner who was ready to burn it all down.

I've been the CEO too scared to talk about my dreams out loud.

It's why I see you so clearly.

"The sisterhood from such powerful women together in one room is UNREAL. Kristina guides and leads in such magical ways, I was able to make decisions in both business and my personal life with a newfound confidence. My business will never be the same."

Meghan Martin

Owner of Sweet Honey Hair Co.

I'll never tell you how business should be...

And that's the honest truth. There are no tips and tricks here. There is no "my way or the highway."


Here's what will happen when you join:


My purpose is to see you as your highest self, the version of you that got lost along the way. You'll send me people you admire and I'll show you how you can be SO MUCH MORE.

In this space, there is no room to play small.

There is NOWHERE to hide... even if you try.

I'll guide you as you paint the one-of-a-kind portrait that is your life and business.


Here's what you'll learn: 

When you decide to be an audacious woman, this WORLD bends to you. It becomes a world where you can work 20 hours a week, go on vacation every single month, and still have WILDLY profitable $50k months. 

It becomes a world where you can be booked for the YEAR in January without a sales call. 

A world where you've built a team so amazing that you never feel like you're working. 

A world where the dream clients are pouring in without sales pages or sales calls.


A world where you show up on social when you want to, how you want to, and still rake in the cash.

This is Expand

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Expand Mastermind

  Intimate group coaching calls with Kristina every other week  to ask your questions, seek advice, and receive guidance + direction

Value: $30K

24/7 access to our private group chat to celebrate and ask for feedback, where Kristina drops in to provide coaching, inspiration, and strategic direction


Access to the Elixir Vault with EVERY training we’ve ever done including trainings on: creating elevated messaging, the STAND OUT Method, 30 days of posting direction, etc

Value: $9K+

Access to ALL live trainings on business growth and new marketing strategy to stay updated in real-time

Value: $3K+

Total value: $45,000+

Investment: $10k for 6 months
(monthly payments of $1825 available)
Ashley went from being burnt out, hitting the same goals over and over, to being booked for the year WITH a waitlist. She has created her dream business, getting flown to places like Costa Rica and Egypt for brand creation. 

Ashley, The Elevated Entrepreneur

Upgrade to Expand VIP

Investment: $15k for 6 months
(monthly payments of $2550 available)

Everything included in Expand...

Value: $45K+


High-level one-on-one sessions to go DEEP with Kristina and have her eyes + hands IN your business EVERY SINGLE MONTH

Value: $15K

Discounted Business/ Restoration Retreats

Value: $5K

Total value: $65,000+


Hear from the women of EXPAND:

Explosive Expansion-1:1 Business Mentoring

Everything included in Expand...

Value: $45K+


BIWEEKLY high-level one-on-one sessions with Kristina

Value: $30K

Access to a private chat with Kristina where you can get feedback directly in real time

Value: $15K

Discounted Business/ Restoration Retreats

Value: $5K

Total value: $95,000+

Investment: $24k for 6 months
(monthly payments of $4750 available)

Get in the room with the women who are where you want to be, rise to the challenge, and feel AMAZING while doing it. If you're waiting for a sign, this is it. Your move, babe.


Desiring a different level of support?
Join our Femme Audacity membership to start your journey to becoming an Audacious woman


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