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If you're looking for a conventional, run-of-the-mill "tips and tricks" workshop, this isn't for you. And we aren't sorry.

This is a masterclass for women who want to show up unapologetically. 
Who want to be THAT woman. 
Who know that once they claim their FULL power... it's only a matter of time before the dream clients start clawing at their doors.
Take a moment to decide if that's you. If so... WELCOME.

We've been waiting for you.
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For the women who are tired of watering themselves down...

How to Not Give a Fuck


A FREE masterclass on claiming your full power and showing up audaciously online

This is a masterclass like NO other.

Because I gave women the best strategy in the world and it got them jack shit because they didn’t apply it. That’s when I realized… the strategy means NOTHING without energetics.

“How to Not Give a Fuck” will give you steps and real-life applicable strategy to UNLEASHING your most authentic self online.

You’ll learn to shift your perspective and how you feel about showing up authentically.

Because when you claim your full power, you become UNSTOPPABLE. Your dream clients start being drawn to you like a moth to a flame.

YOU become a BEACON calling them home… but as long as you let other’s judgement stand in the way, you’ll always play smaller than you could be.

I know I know...

You've done workshops before. 

You even followed the strategy... but for some reason it just fizzled out. You tried implementing but it didn't stick. 


You're an Audacious Woman with radical self responsibility, so you took the actionable steps. 

They just didn't work.


It's because we’ve been raised to believe judgement is the scariest thing in the world, when really it’s not shit.


And most of the time, we know that logically.

 BUT if we haven't done the work of radical self love- our subconscious will always hold us back even when we think we’re making moves forward.


Sign up for free, or Upgrade to our Femme Audacity membership for $99 and get a free bonus call

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This business class is gonna be… DIFFERENT than what most of you are used to.


I’m going to be giving you strategy, but it won't be what you think. I’ll teach you:


  • How to get over the barrier thats stopping you from fully showing up (Hint: its not about showing up daily or even 3 times a week. It’s about how people remember you. The impression you make.) 

  • The KEY to radical self love 

  • Actionable steps that will keep you in the energy of not giving a fuck about what judgment


Thinking all you need to do is 'believe' to knowing what it REALLY takes to not give a fuck what people think.

Feeling unsure of yourself every time you hit post to feeling confident in who you are and how you help people.

Not wanting to make the "wrong impression" to claiming your power and showing up fully as an Audacious Woman on AND offline.

So… what do you say? Sign up for the FREE masterclass HERE or upgrade to Femme Audacity and get this masterclass PLUS a bonus call below!

When we stay afraid of the things they’ll think and say, we will filter our most EFFECTIVE messaging... aka our most impactful marketing.


So tell me:

Are you done letting your judgy aunt or acquaintance from high school hold you back?

Are you done wasting time that you could be making BANK on worrying if you’ll upset someone and they won’t work with you?

Okay then. Let's go.


Tuesday, May 28th at 11 am 
Wednesday, May 29th at 11 am
Bonus call: Thursday, May 30th at 12 pm



After securing your spot...

The Elixir team will send you an email with the next steps!

See you soon!

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