4 Steps on How to Take a Vacation and Still Show Up on Social Media

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So you’re taking a vacation but you don’t want to lose the momentum you’ve gained on Instagram and Facebook.

With these four easy steps, you can enjoy your well deserved time-off while STILL offering value to your online audience.

A scheduler will save YOUR LIFE. I use the Later App, but you can always turn to hootsuite, tailwind, or Planoly.

  1. Pick out 7 photos or videos to post and schedule them throughout the week.

  2. Arrange them to create a visually appealing, curated feed.

  3. Follow this outline of what to post:

    • Monday - Quote specific to your target market

    • Tuesday - Tip

    • Wednesday - Tip

    • thursday - Behind the scenes post

    • Friday - Share where you’re going on vacation and one activity you’re looking forward to the most

    • Saturday - A personal photo of your home life (decor, family, dogs)

    • Sunday - Morning Routine

  4. Add your hashtags to the bottom of the posts and set all posts to auto-publish.

    You’re all done!

    Set yourself up for success so all your hard work isn’t loss. Just because you take time-off, doesn’t mean your social media does too!

7 Life Hacks from (Past + Present) Social Media Management Clients

Social Media Marketing Manager pointing at photo list for website photos photoshoot in a busy cafe in Virginia Beach va

1. Don’t ever brush AFTER you drink coffee! Coffee is acidic AF- if you brush directly after, it’ll weaken your enamel and CAUSE staining.

-Norge Dental Center (Williamsburg Dental and Orthodontist Practice)

2. The biggest mistake people make when packing for vacations is NOT MAKING DECISIONS. Decide which pair of shoes you’re actually going to wear BEFORE. You’ll thank yourself when you’re on vacay and know exactly what to wear, AND aren’t lugging around half your closet!

-A Space for Style (home decor and wardrobe stylist)

3. Coconut oil is BETTER for you than most lotions. Skin is permeable which means the oil soaks in. It’s such a stable oil full of saturated fats it doesn’t let moisture escape, thus protecting your skin from drying out.

-Natural Balance Day Spa (Luxury Holistic Massages + Certified Estheticians)

4. Low temperatures and time + time + time makes the best meat when smoking.

-RedWood Smoke Shack (Food Truck + Texas BBQ Restaurant in Norfolk, Virginia)

5. You can’t outrun your fork.

-Jim White Fitness (Personal Training and Registered Dietitian)

6. It doesn’t matter how pretty your cake is if it’s dry AF. It’s what’s on the inside that matters most- always ;) Provide quality first, then worry about what the hell it’s wrapped in.

Incredible Edibles Bakery (Luxury Custom Bakery)

7. When deciding what to cook, try being inspired by ingredients rather than looking for a recipe. It’ll change the way you think about food and the experience you have while buying, cooking, and eating it.

-Amber Ox (Southern Inspired Cuisine)

Who's Your Target Market?

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 7.44.50 PM.png

Having a general target market ISN’T good enough. Say what now?

The riches are in the niches, baby. Narrowing down your audience is key to grabbing the attention of the right people, the ones who will convert to clients.

Millennial women 18-34? Yikes. Women who are 28-38 who are college educated and stylish? Nope. Still WAY too broad.

If you aren’t talking to a specific target demographic, you’re not talking to anyone. You can attract your dream clients by speaking their language and making sure you’re directing your marketing efforts specifically to them.

How to find your super specific target market? You need to create a “Marketing Avatar”. Make your avatar as specific as possible: tell me their name, age, job, interests, a typical day in their life; any details you can think of. Do they have pets? Do they love movies? Get inside the mind of who you’re trying to speak to.

Her name is Scarlett, she’s 32, and went to George Mason university. She’s been in business for 8 years, is kicking ass and taking names and has a team of 12 other women. She shops at locally owned boutiques, orders no bullshit drinks on Thursday nights out with her girls, and has finger tattoos.

Now THAT is getting specific. Tell me who your Marketing Avatar is in the comments below!

You Don't Need MORE Followers

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 11.41.49 PM.png

If you only want more followers, we’re not your girls 😏You can buy 10k followers for a cool hundred these days, but let me drop this bomb on ya…

You don’t necessarily need MORE followers. You need the RIGHT followers. 💣

Buying will make your follower number look good, but the numbers that matter, your analytics, won’t look so hot. The reason? These followers you bought are technically getting you in front of more people, but they aren’t the right people: the ones who will convert to clients.

You don’t want your posts in front of random eyes, you want them in front of the right eyes; a community who will consistently like your posts, buy what you’re selling, and interact with you so much online that it feels like you’re best friends in real life (and, as a bonus, that interaction will help beat that pesky algorithm).

It’s a fact: clients want to work with people they like, relate to, and can have genuine conversations with. Random, bought followers are not those people (but we can help you find the right ones 😉). Social media opens the door to get those conversations going 👊🏼

IG Stories Crash Course

IG Stories should be your SUPPORT system for regular posts. 💥⁣

Your Instagram Stories should be backing up the strategy you’re using in your feed (and they should be consistent). So what types of content should you be posting in Stories?

For one, all the fluff that didn’t make the cut to be featured in your regular, super curated feed.⁣ What fluff, you ask?

✖️The added benefits of your service. ⁣Sure a client can read through your packages online, but seeing these services in action can make them even MORE appealing.
✖️All the extra work that your audience doesn’t expect that goes into your services.⁣ Show the nitty gritty, behind the scenes, HARD work that you put into your everyday grind!
✖️ Any UGC of your service you’re selling.⁣ User generated content is one of the best ways to showcase your service in the real world; it’s the best form of word of mouth!

Then wrap those puppies up with a solid call to action telling people how to GIVE YOU MONEY 🤑⁣ And of course a geotag for good measure.

Now THAT is how IG Stories convert into real sales 🙌🏼

Are You... Shadowbanned?! 😳

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 12.34.58 PM.png

Shadowbanning will be the DEATH of you 💀

Okay, not you, your account. But still, it’s bad.

Don’t know what shadowbanning is? It’s basically getting blacklisted from IG for several reasons. But the worst part? Instagram won’t even tell you if/when it’s shadowbanned your account.

You’ll go about your business, posting like normal, and have absolutely no clue that Instagram has broken all of your hashtags you worked so hard on. Made it so you will not show up on the geolocation you tagged. And made it virtually impossible for new people to find your account!

So what gets you shadowbanned? Engaging in what Instagram considers to be “spammy behavior,” like writing the same comment on multiple profiles. Reusing the same old hashtags on every single post you make. And of course, a good ol’ nip slip will also do the trick (that’s for you boudoir accounts 😉)!

The bottom line? If you don’t want to be shadowbanned, be authentic. Engage with your audience in a meaningful way. And definitely don’t be lazy with your hashtags and use the same 15 over and over (I know I know, it’s hard to come up with tons of hashtags - but guess what? I can teach you how to do this, keep an eye out on the current Elixir Workshops to learn more)!

Have you ever been shadowbanned? ☠️ Tell me about it in the comments!

Posting A Video? Get Moving!

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 1.25.04 PM.png

PRO Tip: Create MOVEMENT in your videos!

Wait, what the hell does that even mean? 🧐

It means walking around. It means switching up your background. It means SHOWING your audience something besides your beautiful face! People are naturally drawn to things that aren’t static, so draw them in to your content with some movement!

I love starting my Lives outside, then walking into a restaurant, shop, or even my office. Audiences love to be brought along for the ride, to jump into a portion of your busy, exciting day! This movement lets them in on the action and is waaaay more fun to watch. And since it’s more fun to watch? It will keep their attention longer 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

On Instagram you have THREE seconds (yes, I know, 3 SECONDS) to not only grab your viewer’s interest, but to keep it before they just keep on scrolling right past that content you put so much effort into.

So you tell me- what would keep your personal interest as a viewer? Inviting you inside to take a look around while I’m dropping some IG knowledge along the way OR me sitting at my desk for three minutes? 😜

Unfollow People (Yeah, I Said It)

UNFOLLOW people. 💥💥💥

Don’t be afraid to break up with people’s Instagrams. If you’re just not feeling their feed, their style, the content they’re sharing, whatever it is, if you’re not into it, you’re not into it. No shame or guilt there.

Just because you hit that little blue button, DOES NOT mean you’re playing the “follow and unfollow game”. It means you thought an account was going to be interesting, and it’s just not hitting your spark.

At one point this content was relevant to you, and now it doesn’t resonate. It means you thought that account was going to be putting out great shit, but now they haven’t posted in weeks.

Bonus Pro Tip: This is a great idea if you’re a business account, especially if you’re following more people than are following you (that’s a HARD no).

Point is- do what you want. It’s your account. Don’t ever be afraid of how people will think, you think. Just do you boo boo 😘

Should You Post Even on the Weekend??

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 12.45.10 PM.png

Should you still be posting on weekends even though you usually get less engagement?

(And can I get a “holla” for the numbers above, that are actual Elixir results, btw 🙌🏼)?

Short answer? You should abso-fucking-lutely be posting on weekends!

You should 100% be talking to your audience on the weekend to create that “we’re best friends” feel that the algorithms are all about, even if it means you may see lower numbers.

The most important thing to keep in mind? Go ahead and post, but make sure to keep it fun and light! On the weekends, most people are taking their time to ENJOY being off work and making the most of their life with the people they love. These posts should be sharing something that still adheres to your brand voice, but is personal or entertaining: easy reading, if you will. 

Share a quote, a family photo, or what your weekend plans are! People are out with their family and friends, so sharing something you can see your audience passing around to their friends while they share a beer is the goal.

What are you posting today? Let me know in the comments!

How To Make Your Feed Clean AF

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 6.37.56 PM.png

Do you ever post photos like the one above in your feed? If not, you should be.

Why the hell would I suggest this?

Because it’s a filler photo that creates necessary negative space in your grid. Why is negative space important? Take a good look at the businesses and accounts who are killing the IG game.

They’re curated AF. An easy way to start making your feed have that same clean, branded aesthetic is by finding “filler photos” and occasionally using them to create negative space. Wondering where you’ll find these gems to clean up your feed? Pinterest and IG are my go-to’s for finding inspiration, but there are a ton of other stock photo websites like Unsplash to check out as well. Just make sure when you’re posting these bad boys that you’re giving proper attribution where necessary.

Adding these elements to your feed gives new people (aka, potential clients) who find you, a clean grid to view. If you don’t have this necessary “white” space, it’s easy to find yourself with a muddled, busy feed that users get lost on. Have any good places you use to find filler photos? Let me know in the comments!