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Femme Audacity

This is the space where it's normal to have billionaire clients, travel monthly, and work less than 20 hours a week.

Imagine If...

In 6 months, you could DOUBLE your revenue.

In 6 months, you started taking vacations EVERY single month of the year.

Instead of chasing, you learned how to LEAN BACK and allowed your dream clients to flood your DMs.

You had a mentor who used to flip businesses the way people flip houses. 


You had a mentor that took vacations as seriously as launches.

Who is a mom, and understands the delicate balance it takes to run a 7-figure company AND be the mother we've always dreamed of being.


What if you had high-proximity access to this mentor to chat with them multiple times a week?

Sure, for things like looking over your sales pages, creating new strategy when marketing is no longer working, and learning how to close more sales...

But ALSO to lean on when life and business get HARD, shedding mindset blocks that no longer serve you, and coming up with new ideas to expand business beyond what you ever thought to be possible! 

“I am celebrating 10x-ing my business in less than 6 months time & doubling the size of my contracts since joining the Inner Circle. ”

Sara Brown

Owner of Tailored Marketing

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How do I know it's for me? 
If you're seeking... 

🖤 Close proximity to high-level mentorship

🖤 To build a wildly, successful business on your OWN terms, in your own way AND have more time off to spend with the people you love

🖤 To expand your business to upper, multiple-six and seven figures


 🖤 An intimate group setting where you can be SEEN, celebrated, and supported with daily access to your mentor

🖤 Soulful connections with other women in business who value TIME OFF, paving their own way, and radical self growth

If you look at other women making MILLIONS and think, "Why not me?"... Then THIS is for you.

This Mastermind is for the women who are AMAZING at what they do. Their clients LOVE working with them. AND NOW, they're ready to take their business to the NEXT LEVEL (even if they're not quite sure what that looks like yet)!


In the Inner Circle we:

🖤 Take what we love and leave the rest. 

🖤 Refuse to be "business rich and life poor"

🖤 Believe thriving in our relationships doesn't come at a sacrifice to building a business. 

Because when we're 70, we're going be laughing our asses off together, totally at peace KNOWING we put what really mattered first. 

This is Elixir's Inner Circle

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Bi-weekly calls led by Kristina with the Elixir Inner Circle to celebrate and support you and get guidance on how to grow your business, reach new people, leadership, etc.

Value: $30

Monthly sessions with the Elixir team to give you FRESH content ideas for trending + evergreen reels, and strategic direction of what to write

Value: $3

24-7 Access to a daily chat to connect, celebrate, work through struggles in business that you can drop in anytime. 


Value: $15 

Bi-monthly trainings taught LIVE on business strategy so you can continue to add to your toolbox w/ strategies taught by Kristina. 

Value: $1.5K  

24-7 Access to EVERY training we've ever done so you can continue to build your business at a time that's convenient for you! This includes training on: Reels, Instagram Strategy, Developing unique messaging, How to Create content to STAND OUT online, etc.

Value: $9K  

Private client discounts to our all-inclusive Elixir Marketing / Restoration Retreats (**flights not included) 

Value: $4,250 

That's $62,750 you're getting starting at....

$1K monthly 

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Elixir Inner Circle Mastermind

  Intimate group coaching calls with Kristina every other week for hot seat coaching to ask your questions, seek advice, and receive guidance + direction

Value: $30K

24/7 access to our private group chat to celebrate and ask for feedback, where Kristina drops in to provide coaching, inspiration, and strategic direction


Access to the Elixir Vault with EVERY training we’ve ever done including trainings on: creating elevated messaging, the STAND OUT Method, 30 days of posting direction, etc

Value: $9K+

Access to ALL live trainings on business growth and new marketing strategy to stay updated in real-time

Value: $3K+

That's $45,000+ you're getting...
6 months for $6k (monthly payments of $1150)

Upgrade to VIP Inner Circle Mastermind

Everything included in the Inner Circle mastermind...

Value: $45K+


High-level one-on-one sessions to go DEEP with Kristina and have her eyes + hands IN your business EVERY SINGLE MONTH

Value: $15K

Discounted Business/ Restoration Retreats

Value: $5K

$65,000+ in value for...
6 months for $15k (monthly payments of $2550)

Explosive Expansion-1:1 Business Mentoring

Everything included in the Inner Circle mastermind...

Value: $45K+


BIWEEKLY high-level one-on-one sessions with Kristina

Value: $30K

24/7 access to a 1:1 chat to celebrate and drop in anytime to ask for feedback, Kristina drops in multiple times a week

Value: $15K

Discounted Business/ Restoration Retreats

Value: $5K

$95,000+ in value for...
for $24k (monthly payments of $4750)
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“I learned so many tools that make marketing my business so much EASIER and more effective. She helped me create a strategy that works FOR me. Now, when I want to step up, I know exactly how to do it.”

Dr. Krystal Conner

Life Coach + Author


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