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Welcome to the House of Audacity. 

Here, we treat our wants like our needs. 

Here, we don't know scarcity. Only abundance. 

Every moment you spend in this house is a moment full of unapologetic authenticity. 

We're glad you came.

Empowered: House of Audacity


An enticing weekly ritual that will give your Wednesdays new meaning.

This is a one-of-a-kind rendezvous...

Imagine what your business could look like if you made feeling lit the fuck up a part of your routine? 

THIS is why I created Empowered: House of Audacity

So you can go from hoping you’ll be motivated enough to show up online to being so activated… So full of exuberance that you’re bursting at the seams and HAVE to share with your audience

From overthinking every move you make as a CEO, to being so confident that you know magnetizing clients is simply inevitable. 

You DESERVE a place that you can go to, a home that is dripping with so much inspiration that it carries you week to week.

To feel like the badass money-making GODDESS that you are..

And we can accomplish anything when we know who the fuck we are.

I know, Queen.

You're not looking for masterminds, you don't want another strategy filled business seminar or self paced course. 


You're becoming an Audacious Woman with radical self-responsibility, so you've taken the actionable steps everyone talks about and you're even seeing some of it pay off.

But something's missing. 

You're ready to feel that fire again.

You're amazing at your work and you're ready to take it to the next level. You want to truly FEEL your power. 


Like all women in business, you're constantly existing in a world where people are shouting from the mountain tops "BE HUMBLE"

So you need to be reminded every now and then that YOU are exquisite.  You built this amazing business and YOU are the reason it will change the world. 

Let this space inspire you to say "FUCK being humble!"


"Working with her has given me permission to unapologetically step forward into this new version of myself and align my new business structure with the person I am now."

- Suzy, Financially Fit

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Every major expansion in my life has been a surprise… something I never could have seen coming.  

So I wanted to recreate that magic, for you. The allure of surprise.

Every week, you’ll be in an elevated room. A higher level conversation.

You’ll get: 

A consistent source of motivation.

I'll tell you truths that you don’t often hear out loud.

To motivate you. To inspire you. So you can:

✖️Find and fill the holes in your marketing


✖️ Create the offers that will turn you into a millionaire


✖️Attract the clients that you are dying to work with


Access to conversations I’ve had with my coaches

that took me from: Burnt-out, working around the clock Ready to burn it all down, to:

The CEO of a 7-figure business working 20 hours a week MAX  and LOVING the fuck out of life

A direct line into the conversations

I’m having in my 7-8 figure masterminds and $30K retreats I’ve attended, so you can:

Work less, take more vacations, and remain the visionary in your business instead of being stuck in the day-to-day.

The constant feeling that on any Wednesday... You could be inspired to transform your life✨

Oh, and you'll get access to our Femme Audacity membership (Valued at  $42K, yours FREE) 😉

dark-toned pomegranate painting with knife.jpg
 Gabby, International speaker and business coach went from $0 to $30K months in less than a quarter working with Kristina. 


Wednesday Service 
Every Wednesday @ 12 pm
**Except the last Wednesday of each month**
Normal investment: $500 monthly for 4 months 
Founder's investment: $350 monthly for 4 months for the first 20 women to sign up.

Simply use the code FOUNDERS at check out

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After securing your spot...

The Elixir team will send you an email with the next steps!

See you soon!

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